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Almost all holidaymakers on Koh Samui want to spend their time on the white, inviting beaches that are so typical of Thailand. You can find these dream beaches everywhere on Ko Samui, as they are responsible for the island's popularity. Koh Samui is located in the middle of the Thai Gulf. With a year-round water temperature of 27 ° C, Koh Samui is an ideal destination for an unforgettable beach holiday. The beaches in the northeast of the island are well developed for tourism and offer a wide range of infrastructure. If you prefer quieter beaches, you should look around the south or west of the island. Basically, however, you are rarely alone on the beach on Koh Samui. On this page we present you the best hotels on Koh Samui at the different locations.

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Koh Samui Hotel Deals

There is no shortage of hotels in Koh Samui. It doesn't matter what you want here, as everything is there. From simple bamboo huts on the beach to luxury villas and very special hotels. Choosing the right hotel in Samui can therefore be a bit difficult. There are hotel deals in Samui every day. With a little luck, you can save a lot with these. It is therefore best to first take a look at the current offers, perhaps there is already a suitable one.

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Where to stay in Samui?

Planning your first trip to Koh Samui can be daunting because you need to absorb so much information before you can make an informed decision about your stay. Get it right and you will find a beach that suits you perfectly, with everything you want right on your doorstep. Koh Samui can be divided into four areas, where most of it is located. Most of the accommodations are also located in these places. We have attached the best hotels in the different locations and reveal what makes the location special.

Chaweng - Best Hotels

Chaweng is a very good and popular place on Koh Samui where most people look for accommodation. If you are looking for an apartment in Chaweng then you have a wide choice. There is something here in every price range. From simple and affordable apartments to very classy accommodations. On this page we present you the best Hotels on Chaweng beach.

Chaweng is the most popular resort in Koh Samui. The beach on the northeast coast of Samui is the longest strip of sand on Samui - about seven kilometers including Chaweng Noi. The central part of Chaweng is the most crowded, and access to the beach itself is only possible through the hotels built directly on it.



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